Water Damage in Howard And Anne Arundel County

Have you discovered water damage while at work? Whether it’s a growing spot in the ceiling or a fully submerged basement, Paul Davis Restoration Services is happy to help. We offer water damage restoration to companies or commercial spaces throughout the Howard And Anne Arundel County, MD area.

Where does Water Damage Come From?

Flood damage in business properties comes in various places. These issues may start out small. Be it poor sewer lines or appliances, manmade structures can add to intense water damage. Whatever business you head, water damage has potential to be a real issue for your office. If neglected, it may contribute to further damage from mildew.

Flood damage may be caused by natural sources as well. Heavy downpour or storm systems can damage your commercial property in their own right. They may have a worse effect if you have commercial property near a lake that crests because of these heavy rains.

What We Can Do

If your business in Howard And Anne Arundel County has been hurt by severe damage or only has a few leaks to remove, Paul Davis has mitigation services to solve the situation. We will dry linens and structural features such as carpet. Contact us to see how we can help for your business today!

Our Flood Mitigation Services Include:

  • Water damage assessment
  • Water extraction
  • Drying soaked surfaces such as carpet
  • Cleaning and restoration of possessions such as documents
  • Preventing mold or mildew damage
  • Locating and fixing the cause of flooding water
  • Reconstruction services or weather damage repair
  • Collaborating with insurance providers

Trusted Restoration Services

  • Our staff reply and move quickly Depending on the extent of damage, Paul Davis experts may be able to restore water damage in your commercial space in up to a few days.
  • We are professional – After five decades in business and millions of spaces restored, Paul Davis will solve your water damage problem.
  • We assist with your claims – Teaming up with insurance companies while recovering from water damage is stressful. We will work with your insurance provider to file claims quickly.

Don’t ignore water damage in your commercial space or business. Call your Howard And Anne Arundel County Paul Davis franchise today!